Free Webhosting

3 years Free Webhosting or 1 year completely free?

Now when you purchase one of our business plans - you can have a choice between 3 years web hosting with a small admin fee or 1 year completely free web decide....

1 Year completely free web hosting

All changes are made online through a web browser and your web site changes as you edit it. No technical knowledge is required - simply click on the buttons to add information to your web site.

  • Icon driven, point-and-click system
  • See changes to your site as you make them
  • Instant updates - no FTP required

Additional benefits include:

  • Choose from over 200 professionally designed templates and add text, pictures and files using the easy to use point-and-click interface to build your site.
  • The Copy and Paste element enables you to copy areas of a page to other areas of the page, or other areas of your web site, in 2 simple clicks - this makes building your web site even easier and quicker.
  • The system automatically creates links to pages with a web site navigation that updates itself.
  • Manage keywords and page descriptions to optimise your site for search engines. Default site settings are automatically applied to every page yet still allow the option of individual pages to be different.
  • Become DDA compliant with the text only version of your web site that is automatically created.
  • Template driven for professional looking sites in minutes but flexible enough for advanced users.
  • Online help is available.

Upgrade to use:

  • PayPal Integration - Instead of processing credit card details yourself, you can integrate the E-Commerce system with PayPal's payment processing system.
  • Spreadsheet controlled databases allow you to provide a customisable and searchable database that your customers can quickly search through.
  • Mailing Lists make it easy to allow you to quickly e-mail your customers with special offers.
  • Banner Management lets you place your own advertising banner on your web site, control page impressions and frequency for different banners.
  • Straw Polls allow you to gauge customer opinion on various subjects.

Plus many more options such as:

  • User accounts
  • Discussion forums
  • Random Image element
  • Rollover Image element
  • HTML page elements
  • Table element
  • Excel Spreadsheet element
  • Search facility
  • Site Map element
  • Counter element
  • Quiz element
  • News facility
  • Curved Box element
  • Manual Navigation element
  • Web Survey element
  • Style editing options
  • Password protected pages

Your account includes:

  • 1 year licence to use the system.
  • 1 year web site hosting and e-mail forwarding.
  • Online help.

System Requirements:
A computer with a connection to the Internet.
Internet Explorer/Netscape 4.0 or higher/equivalent.
An existing e-mail account.


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