Frequently Asked Questions

Who are You?

All Restaurants was formed by a group of restauranteers, accountants, financiers and consultants in the United States to collect information regarding the restaurant business that they had been involved in and then offer this information to other restaurant business owners.

We actually started writing restaurant business plans 10 years ago working with banks and finance companies in the United States. Over the last 5 years we have worked all over the world writing business plans for businesses ranging from one-man start-ups to large multi-nationals.

We now deal with over 3,500 enquiries a month and our services are regularly used by accountants, financiers and consultants.

I'm Concerned About ordering over the internet - Is it safe?

To be honest it's probably safer to order over the internet than order over the phone or give somebody your credit card (like in a restaurant). We use Paypal.

What do I get when I order?

You'll receive a receipt for your order from Paypal. You will also be taken to a page where you will be given the information to access "the business package".

We will then e-mail you your business plan within 12 hours as well as giving you a code to access your free website.

Are your plans written so that I just put my details in and then it is complete?

We would love to say yes, but the truth is that no two businesses are alike, and for us to construct a plan that would suit every business in any industry would be impossible.

Our plans represent the fastest and most competitively priced kick-start you could have. To most people writing a plan is an unwelcome chore and some put it off indefinitely, we give you a fast start and enough information to make your restaurant business plan considerably easier to do.

Why isn't the plan automatically delivered?

As some business plans are not ordered very often we hand-check each business plan to ensure that details are reasonably up-to-date.

We also may add to popular business plans as some of our clients kindly send us updated articles on certain industries. We also receive information from banks, market research companies and the general media and we try to add this information to the plans.

How is the Business plan delivered?

  1. You will receive an e-mail from Paypal with your order details.
  2. You will receive your plan from an e-mail address specified after you have successfully ordered.
  3. Please ensure that you do not have any filters / blockers / deleters / automated spam filters on your e-mail that will stop our products getting to you.
  4. If you do not receive your plan within 12 hours of ordering please check that our e-mail is not in your spam folder.



We will deliver your plans to the address on your Paypal account!

  1. Many customers expect the products to be sent to their main e-mail account but we will not know that address.
  2. Please be aware that your Paypal e-mail address may be different, and many people do not even have access to their Paypal e-mail address anymore.
  3. If you do not have access to your Paypal e-mail address then please EMAIL US and tell us which e-mail address you would like us to send the plan to.

Hotmail Users and other free services

We have experienced numerous problems in delivering business plans to Hotmail accounts - please e-mail us with an alternative e-mail address (if you have one) in order for us to send you the plan. We will deliver to hotmail users and the likelihood is that there will not be a problem but if you have another address we will send to both.

Notes on Delivery

  1. Please be aware that our plans will be about 300Kb in size - make sure that you have enough space in your e-mail account to accept the plan.
  2. Also make sure you do not have any filters / blockers / deleters on your e-mail - this is a particular problem for AOL account holders.
  3. Make sure you can receive attachments. Many smaller ISPs strip attachments from incoming e-mails.
  4. If you still haven't received an e-mail from us please check that your e-mail address you have given us is correct and is working - send a test e-mail to yourself.
    If you are in any doubt then EMAIL US - we have delivered 40,000 products on-line and we will be able to deliver to you!

Most digital products are now delivered via e-mail or auto-download - this way ensures that costs are greatly reduced and these savings are reflected in our low price of just $49.95.

What is in each Business plan?

In regard to the business plan itself, they are all set in a mythical city in a mythical state, the same for each business plan, and they are generally owned by John (or Jane!) Smith. Details, such as personal information, are kept to a minimum as these are the easiest for people to write.

We concentrate on suggesting marketing, product, sales and management ideas and setting out strategies that have worked in your industry.

If you would like details of the executive summary of any business plan, please fill our contact us form making sure you include the name of the business plan.

Which Business plan should I buy if my business is between two plans, do I have to buy them both?

We recommend that you choose one business plan only. If after using that you really think you could use more help, you can always come back and get the other one.

The key to remember is that we are kick-starting your process and you may find it easier than you think to write a business plan, once we have got your started.

Do the spreadsheets contain financial data?

We supply over 25 spreadsheets to cover all of your needs.

These are:

  • Monthly Calendar - calendar on a spreadsheet
  • Balance sheet - simple layout for you to fill in your numbers
  • Basic invoice - basic invoice on spreadsheet
  • Business plan by spreadsheet - a uniquely simple way of creating a business plan using a simple spreadsheet system
  • Cash flow - a simple spreadsheet enabling you to put in your numbers and analyze your cash flow
  • Checkbook register
  • Credit card payoff calculator - calculates how to pay off those credit card debts
  • Employee time sheet - a time sheet with breaks included
  • Family budget planner - every family should budget
  • General supplies request
  • Loan amortization schedule
  • Monthly household budget
  • Multi purpose invoice - multi purpose invoice spreadsheet
  • Office supplies request
  • Personal monthly budget
  • Profit and loss - a very extensive spreadsheet setting out everything you will need to predict your profit and loss
  • Project management schedule
  • Project timeline
  • Projected cost sheet - projected cost spreadsheet
  • Purchase order - purchase order spreadsheet
  • Sales invoice - sales Invoice spreadsheet - one more for good measure
  • Service invoice - you have a service industry or want to keep service invoice
  • Service Invoice (hourly rate) - you charge by the hour
  • Start up spreadsheet - set out your startup costs
  • Team contact list
  • Travel expenses - keep tabs on your travel expenses
  • Weekly timecard - timecard by project

These excel spreadsheets are all easy-to-use and can be linked very quickly to give you all the financial information you need

We, ourselves, do not add financial data as it proved very unpopular with our customers. There were probably no examples where a customer could use the actual data, as all businesses are different, and we used to get a lot of e-mails saying how annoying it was to have to remove all the data before they could start putting their data in!

How do i open the spreadsheets?

If you have Microsoft Excel 2000 then this shouldn't be a problem. If you don't have the correct software version we can send you a compatible version. If you don't have a copy of Microsoft Excel then you can download a free viewer from the Microsoft web site:

Microsoft update there site regularly so if the link is broken just type in Excel Viewer into your favourite search engine (Google).

How do i open Word Documents?

If you have Microsoft Word 2000 then this shouldn't be a problem. If you don't have a copy of Microsoft Word then you can download a free viewer from the Microsoft web site:


Alternatively there is a fantastic resource at This is both an open-source application and project. It is free. The product is a multi-platform office productivity suite compatible with all major file formats such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

What currency are the Business plans written in?

They are all in $ as that is the symbol that 96% of our customers use. They are written in such a way that the symbol can be replaced immediately and the content of the business plan will not be a problem with a new symbol.

Refund Policy

It is the goal of Business Plan Database Limited to provide timely and relevant information provided on digital medium. Due to the nature of the medium, purchase of digital products are not refundable, once delivered.

Can I Use a Mac?

All our products are in a combination of the following - Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. If you can use these products on your computer or MAC then you can use our Business Plan products. If you aren't sure - we will send you a Word and Excel spreadsheet.

How much are your business plans ?

Our prices are in $US. The business plans all cost the same amount - $49.95 each. If you aren't sure how much that is in your local currency then check out for a currency conversion.

I have a question that is not answered here

Just Contact Us...if you have a question we haven't thought of or has been asked before!


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