Japanese Mushroom Pate With Spring Onion


200 g shiitake mushrooms 200 g flat mushrooms 100 g spring onion; finely diced 100 g cream cheese; vegetarian 50 g shallots; chopped 2 cloves garlic; chopped 30 ml olive oil ----------------------------MARINADE---------------------------------- 50 ml japanese soy sauce 25 ml japanese rice vinegar 25 ml sake or sherry 10 g ginger; finely grated 10 g dark brown sugar


Place the mushrooms on a baking tray and brush with 20ml of olive oil. Season and bake for 15 minutes until soft. Place the Japanese marinade ingredients in a bowl and put in the mushrooms, allow to marinate for 4 hours. Heat in a saucepan the remaining olive oil and cook the garlic and shallots until tender. Remove from the marinade the flat mushrooms and half of the shiitake mushrooms and retain half of the shiitake mushrooms. Drain well and place in a food processor and add the shallots and garlic, cream cheese and puree. Season with salt and pepper and mix in the chopped coriander and the chopped spring onion.


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