* 8 pieces chorizo bilbao (sliced) * 20 pieces mussels * 20 pieces clams * ½ kilo shrimps * 2 pieces crabs * 10 pieces bacon (sliced) * 1-cup ham (cubed) * 1-cup sweet green peas (cooked) * 1 head of garlic (minced) * 1 big onion (minced) * ½ cup olive oil * 4 cups stock * 2 cups long grain rice (soaked) * Pinch of salt & pepper * Pinch of saffron


# In a paellera, sauté garlic, onion, bacon, chorizo bilbao and ham in olive oil. # Add in the saffron and stir. # Put in the rice, stir, and slowly add in stock a little at a time keeping the boil at all times. # Add in the sweet green peas. # Season with salt and pepper and do not stir anymore, just make sure rice do dry up. # When rice is almost cooked, add in all the seafood and cover to finish cooking.


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