Sinigang na Baka


* 1 Kilo beef (for stewing, cut into chunk cubes) * 12 pcs Tamarind (Sampaloc) * 1 big Onion (diced) * 6 big tomatoes (quartered) * 2 pcs Radish (sliced) * 4 pieces Gabi (peeled & cubed) * 1 bundle Sitaw Stringbeans (cut into 2" long) * 1 bundle Kangkong (cut into 2" long) * Salt and Patis to taste * 6 cups water


1. Boil Tamarind to soften. Pound and strain all juices and set aside. 2. In a casserole, bring beef to a boil, lower fire and simmer for an hour or 2 until beef is tender. 3. Take out all scum that rises to the surface. 4. Add onions, tomatoes and Tamarind juice. 5. Add in gabi, and cook for a few minutes. 6. Add in stringbeans (sitaw) and kangkong stalks. 7. Season with salt and Patis to taste. 8. Add in kangkong leaves. 9. Serve hot.


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