W. Earp's Western


2 each Beef/Pork Rib Racks 2 TBS. Cider Vinegar Earp's Western Steak and Dinner Sauce


First, peel off the underside membrane from two rib sections. You don't necessarily have to do this first step but if you have the time and patience, it's worth it. (note: this process takes a little practice) Next, trim excess fat and place them into a large sauce pan. Cover the ribs with water, add 2 TBS. of cider vinegar, (you could add your own seasonings as well) bring to a boil, cover and lower heat to a simmer. After approx. 20 minutes they are all but done. Remove them from sauce pan. If you want to finish cooking them at a later time, you need to stop the cooking process. So, rinse them off under cold running water. With a knife, score between bone sections. Brush on a coating of Earp's sauce on both sides and set aside for final cooking under a broiler or on the BBQ grill.


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