Food Business Concepts:Sandwich Shops / Deli

One reason sandwich shops are so successful is that they enjoy high profit margins. You can sell a sub sandwich for $1.49 with food costs of just 34 percent. Sandwich shops and delicatessens can also change their menus quickly and easily to adapt to current tastes. For example, with the growing interest in health and nutrition in the United States, sandwich shops and delicatessens have started offering more low-fat, healthy ingredients in their sandwiches, salads and other menu items. Also, many sandwich shops and delis have been able to keep up with American workers who eat at their workplaces by adding delivery and catering to their sit-down and take-out operations.

Sandwich shops and delicatessens can be differentiated by the foods they serve. Most sandwich shops serve only sandwiches, possibly with some side dishes or desserts. A delicatessen usually serves a more extensive menu, including sandwiches, prepared meats, smoked fish, cheeses, salads, relishes and various hot entrees. The word "delicatessen" comes from the French delicatesse, meaning "delicacy." Delicatessen has now come to mean both the foods themselves and the shops that sell them.

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