Hand washing and hygiene policies

All food handlers and servers have reviewed and signed the FDA Food Employee Reporting Agreement


Managers shall check the hands, fingers, fingernails and forearms of each food handler and server every day at every shift. Managers shall ensure that employees:

  • remove jewelry and watches (except plain wedding bands) make sure that there are no cuts, burns or abrasions on hands, wrists or other exposed body part that make directly or indirectly contact food.
  • when a minor cut, burn or abrasion is found on hands, wrists or other exposed body part that make directly or indirectly contact food, the wound is to be properly washed, and covered with a water proof bandage and glove(s).
  • Aprons shall not be permitted in restrooms and be changed often to prevent cross- contaminination.
  • Other aspects of hygiene, including hair restraints, no smoking or eating in food preparation areas have been explained by management and shall be observed.

Hand Washing

  • Management has explained and employees understand that hand washing is critical to prevent contamination, carriers of disease may show no symptoms, etc.
  • All food handlers and servers must wash hands for 20 seconds using soap, warm water and paper towels after using the restroom and touching anything that could contaminate hands, such as raw animal foods.
  • Management will install additional soap and paper towel dispensers.
  • Managers must check hand washing supplies every hour.
  • Employees must inform management if any hand washing supply is in low supply.
  • Employees understand that gloves and/or hand sanitizers do not replace proper hand washing.

Preventing Hand Contact with RTE Foods

Management has provided single use paper, tongs and/or other means to prevent bare hand contact with ready to eat foods. Management will monitor the proper use and supplies of these. In addition, employees will advise management if they observe any unsanitary condition so that it can be corrected immediately.

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